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The presented images were made from 2001 to 2007 that choseen to illustrate the varied directions of my work. All of them were based on my own photographs, and edited with Photoshop. The degree of modification varies from simple changes, such as scaling and slight colour tweaking in order to obtain the wanted visual effect, while some retained only a few elements or colour schemes from their originals. For example, in the images displayed in the series "Seasons", "Around Canada", "Black and White", "Flowers", "Sunsets" and "European Cities" are all practically unmodified photos, unlike "Digital Fantasy", "Greetings" and "Posters", which barely contain traces of their sources. . Note as well that the images appear very different on paper than they do on the computer screen. "Boats", "Sunsets", "Around Canada", "Water", and especially the greyscale images are all optimized for printing, and look far better on paper or canvas than on your monitor.